Gentle Tooth Extractions

When an extraction is necessary, the ideal scenario is to experience a fast, painless removal of the tooth. At Ladone Family Dental, we employ gentle extraction techniques, with a focus on ensuring our patient has an experience that is neither frightening nor painful. It’s important!

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

A tooth may be so damaged that it cannot be restored and must be extracted. This can be the result of severe decay, trauma from an accident or impact, resorption (loss of part of the tooth roots), vertical cracks in the tooth.

Decayed Tooth Extractions

A badly decayed tooth may require extraction, as the tooth is so damaged that it cannot be restored with fillings, a crown, root canal treatment, or another approach. 

A very decayed tooth typically leads to serious pain and infection, which if left untreated, can be very dangerous to your health. The first step in these cases is usually antibiotics to address the infection, followed by a tooth extraction in Lisle, Naperville, or Wheaton. At Ladone Family Dental, we deliver painless tooth extractions, performed with ultimate care, focused on ensuring your comfort at every step of the process.

Recovery from Tooth Extractions

The recovery from an extraction will vary, based on whether the tooth required surgical or simple extraction. After the tooth has been removed, caring for the area properly will allow the gum to heal correctly. You can apply an ice pack to reduce swelling, used about 10 minutes per application. The gum will be protected by a gauze pad, which should be left in place until bleeding has subsided.

Take any medications as prescribed. Rather than returning to your usual activities, take some time to rest and allow your body to heal. Do not use a straw, smoke, consume alcohol, or rinse your mouth for at least 48 hours. When lying down, use an extra pillow to keep your head elevated. Eat only soft foods for the first two days after your extraction in Wheaton. After 48 hours, you can rinse your mouth with warm salt water. 

The Ladone Family Dental Approach to Tooth Extractions

At Ladone Family Dental, we understand that facing a tooth extraction in Lisle, Naperville, or Wheaton can be a stressful experience. We perform extractions with great care, focusing on ensuring that you are comfortable throughout the procedure, whether a simple extraction or a surgical extraction. We offer tooth restorations such as dental implants and bridges to create a natural look and a firm, sturdy chewing surface that will last for many years, if not a lifetime. You deserve compassion, understanding, and gentle dentistry and our board-certified dentists are committed to serving people throughout the Western Suburbs, including the communities of Naperville, Lisle, and Wheaton with caring, gentle dentistry, and the most advanced techniques.

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