Family Lineage and Dental Health

The shape, size, and health of your teeth come through your family line, and some people are lucky enough to inherit a set of teeth that are strong and healthy, while others may face more challenges, through no fault of their own. To keep your teeth healthy and free from decay, fillings and sealants are two of the most common and effective dental treatments.


When a tooth develops decay, it should be treated as quickly as possible with dental fillings in Naperville. Shallow areas of tooth decay can be repaired quickly and efficiently, with filling material perfectly matching your natural tooth color, resolving the decay, and leaving your teeth looking flawless. 

Types of Fillings

  • Silver amalgam: Previously, the most commonly used type of filling material, silver amalgam, is a combination of several metals. The material is typically less costly, an advantage, but has an obvious drawback in that the fillings are visible. These types of fillings are no longer used as stronger and more esthetic materials have developed over time.
  • Composite: This material is currently the most common type of dental filling material used. This material is often the choice of patients, due to the color-matching feature. The material is plastic and a special resin. Once in place, it is hardened with a curing light. These fillings are not as long-lasting as some others and may need to be replaced over time.
  • Glass ionomer: Children are often good candidates for these fillings, as they release fluoride into the tooth structure to protect against further decay. These fillings do not last as long as many others but could be ideal for your child.
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What to Expect with Dental Fillings?

You may need a dental filling in Wheaton if you have not visited the dentist for some time. A regular dental exam every six months, along with a professional cleaning, can help you avoid more serious dental or gum issues. However, even if you care for your teeth, brushing and flossing as advised, it is possible to develop an area of tooth decay. 

When you are under the care of our board-certified dentists, we focus on ensuring you are comfortable, pain-free, and your treatment fast and effective. The area to be treated will be numbed with anesthetic. Before injection, the area will be numbed with a topical anesthetic to make the injections easier to experience. Once numbed, the decay will be removed with a dental drill, then the area will be cleaned, and the filling material will be placed. A final bite check will ensure that the filling is comfortable.

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What are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants have significantly improved the ability to keep the teeth free from decay. Sealants are thin coatings of a specialized substance, painted over the chewing surfaces to block the bacteria and food that leads to cavities. Sealants are an amazing advance in dentistry, capable of protecting against the development of 80% of cavities for two years, and 50% for four years, as reported by the CDC. 

Children and Dental Sealants

All children should have a sealant applied to their teeth to help them make it through their early years with less chance of needing fillings. Children can have sealants applied at around age six, and again at age 12 when permanent molars are in place.

Adults and Dental Sealants

Adults are also excellent candidates for sealants applied to their molars. The back chewing molars are most likely to develop cavities, and the sealant fills in tiny grooves and pits in the teeth where bacteria could become lodged and with time, lead to a cavity.

Ladone Family Dental and Your Family

It is important to have a dentist you can trust to care for every member of your family in the best possible way. You are invited to experience a family-based dental office where you can expect compassionate, professional care, comfortable surroundings, and amenities to make your journey to a healthy smile positive. The ultimate goal of excellent dentistry is a patient who has no dental, gum, or oral problems, and dental sealants are one of the vital steps in warding off cavities. We have been proudly serving families throughout the Western Suburbs, including the communities of Naperville, Lisle, and Wheaton for generations.

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Dental Sealants, a Fast and Painless Treatment

The first action before applying sealant to protect your teeth is a full exam. Sealants must be applied to healthy, cavity-free teeth.

Your teeth will then be cleaned, and a gel applied to create a surface to which the sealant can stick. The sealant is then applied and is dried with the application of a special light. Our dentist will then ask you to bite down to ensure the sealant is comfortable and is not affecting your bite. The treatment is complete!

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